About Us

Aerospace Plastic Components

Aerospace Plastic Components (APC) is an Australian owned & operated company specialising in the manufacture of aircraft acrylic windshields, window transparencies, as well as, plastic interior trim.
APC has an Australian Parts Manufacturer Approval (APMA No. 770176) authorised by CASA for the production of plastic interior trim, windshields and window transparencies. APC Manufactures products for many of the popular general aviation aircraft types including aerospatiale, Auster, Beechcraft, Britten Norman, Cessna, Maule, Mooney, Piper, Rockwell, Vulcanair and many others.

All products are manufactured new, in-house and if not already available in stock, can typically be produced within 7 days of an order being placed. Materials used in the manufacture of these components meet all applicable airworthiness regulations including the stringent FAR23 Flammability requirements.

For components not yet included in our extensive product range, APC has the facilities and expertise to manufacture a new component from a satisfactory supplied original part.

Colin Keast – Director